Tahukah Anda, cat buatan manusia telah ada sejak 100.000 tahun silam di Afrika Selatan. Source

Valspar Leaf

Valspar Peppers

Iklan Valspar Paint, link

Iklan Boysen Paint, link






Iklan Boysen Paint, link

Iklan Comex Paint, link

Berger Paint Billboard

Billboard Berber Paint, link

Billboard Benjamin Moore Paints, link

Iklan Nippon Paint, link

Spanduk cat Rona, tepat di bawah iklan Apple’s iPod, link

Iklan cat yang mudah kering  Nerolac, link

Iklan cat Dulux, link

Iklan cat Hempel, link

Iklan Perma Paint, link

Rock in Valspar print ad

Red leaved tree in Valspar print ad

Iklan Valspar Paint, link

Dyrup Kiwi Color

Dyrup Orange Color

Dyrup Melon Color

Iklan Dyrup, link


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