Iklan Dunlop, seri: For smooth and comfortable ride, link, link

Iklan Apollo, produsen ban India, seri tubeless tyre, link

Iklan Bridgestone, seri F1, link

Iklan Pirelli, link

Iklan Pirelli, link

Gimmick dari Pirelli, seri: mouse, link

Iklan JK Tyre: tyre never tired, link

Iklan JK Tyre di bawah jalan layang: Extraordinary grip, link

Iklan Continental Tyre: Working without air, link

Iklan Toyo Tyre: Gripping performance, link

Iklan Goodyear, link

Iklan Somarec, link

Iklan GITI: anti puncture tyre, link

Iklan Goodyear: run on flat (ban anti bocor), link

Iklan Bridgestone: premium tyre, link

Iklan Bridgestone Truck Tyre: Heavy duty, link

Iklan klasik Dunlop: Stick with Dunlop, link

Posted by Adi Widjaja, M.Sc.


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  1. rexonblog says:

    iklannya keren2…

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